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EC Extractor Series

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The most efficient blast package available!

H268-HO-LP All-Media Blast Pot
FNC6 - 185 CFM 12v DC aftercooler
EC-250 - 250 SCFM moisture extractor


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Open this picture to see how efficient the EC-250 actually is

Click here to see the EC-250 video

The patented Extractor/Dryer is a two-stage, point-of-use compressed air filter. Designed primarily for the final usage of air, it will remove water, oil and other contaminates from compressed air lines. Developed for air driven tools, paint spraying, manufacturing equipment, sand/soda blasting, ice blasting or any other compressed air equipment usage to produce clean, dry, compressed air. In return you receive extended equipment life, improved product quality, reduced downtime, with savings on material usage and costly repairs to damaged equipment. These advantages will pay for the extractor in a short amount of time.




Soda-Blast.Com® takes a different approach to cleaning up contaminated compressed airlines. Our Extractor/Dryer provides the best service when it is located down stream of our compressor aftercooler. This allows the air from the compressor to cool, thus condensing to liquid and enabling the Extractor/Dryer to do its job. The shortest distance from our filter to the point-of-use ensures cleaner air, therefore protecting valuable machinery, equipment and increasing your production up-time. All Sand and soda blasters will see a decrease in material usage due to the ultra dry air tank air allowing tighter media flow settings.

Standard Features include:

  • Differential Pressure Gauge (All models except 520's and 195A) - Allows the user to visually see the change from green to red, red indicating a pressure drop of 10 PSI and the need to service the elements. Service Kits available for all models.
  • Weep Drain - Allows continuous flow of contaminated air to escape the base of the unit with only a .15 SCFM loss of volume.
  • Mounting Brackets (All models except 520's and 195A) - Allows for easy and protective mounting of your Extractor/Dryer.


Additional Features- Benefits

  • Models range from 15 SCFM thru 500 SCFM
  • Standard 5 micron ratings (lower micron rating available)
  • Removes 99.9% of the liquids entering the Extractor/Dryer
  • Easy to install and maintain without removal
  • Lightweight aluminum housing
  • Immediate cost savings from decreased downtime
  • Standard inlet and outlet NPT sizes
  • Improve equipment performance and product quality
  • Standard Differential Pressure Gauge for rust and dirt particles


Additional options available: aftercooler, float drain, regulator, lockout valve and electronic drain



How it Works:


  1. Compressed air containing tiny particles of dirt, dust, oil and moisture enters the first stage of the Extractor/Dryer.
  2. A coalescing effect occurs as air passes through a cartridge mesh filter that captures particles and causes moisture to form larger droplets.
  3. Air velocity lessens as it enters the extraction chamber allowing particles to collect and moisture to condense on the honeycomb.
  4. Particle laden water flows along the bottom and out the drain.
  5. Air passes through the second stage wire supported fiber filter cartridge that captures remaining particles down to 5 micron. Smaller particle filtration is available.
  1. Remaining moisture and contaminates are dried and filtered in the second stage filter.
  2. Exhaust air is clean and dry - no dirt, rust, oil or water droplets to disrupt air equipment operation.





All compressed air filters require servicing of the elements. Proper maintenance is important in order to keep the Extractor/Dryer performing at optimum levels. Soda-Blast.Com® has taken great efforts to create a filter that makes servicing user friendly. By simply removing one bolt, the Extractor/Dryer never has to be disconnected from the airline in order to replace the elements.


On average, we recommend servicing the Extractor/Dryer every 12 months or 1,100 hours. Each model has a complete Service Kit available (see specifications for service kit numbers) that provides everything needed for proper servicing. Service Kits include a 1st stage replacement element, 2nd stage replacement element, cap gaskets, base gasket, and base core (honeycomb).


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